FETTLE Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Provides Structural solutions for all kinds of construction works. Fettle has designing experience in houses, multi storied structures and special structures. FETTLE aims to provide a comprehensive and professional solutions for building construction. We have a Civil Engineering design team comprising of skilled professionals and top-level technical personnel with a wide variety of scientific, engineering, and management resources.Read More….


3D designing is an indispensable part of any designs, for customers and manufacturers to identify clearly how their project will look like and also to confirm if it satisfies the purpose of the client.

FETTLE Engineering provides you with interior designs considering the latest technological advances in interior design materials for homes and offices, to add not only the best facilities and comfort but also to add beauty to the interiors.Read More….


Proper planning is the first step for the successful execution of a project. FETTLE Engineering Pvt. Ltd. provides comprehensive estimation services for clients for all types of construction works using the latest softwares and techniques.Read More….


A Proper survey of Land boundaries, Topography, Land features etc helps the building designer make judicious and economic decisions while planning a structure.

FETTLE provides Land Survey services using the latest Total Station equipments.Read More…..


Project Supervision is a key and integral part in efficient and economic execution of a construction project. Proper Construction practices and Quality control systems go hand in hand in ensuring structures that are strong, stable, aesthetically pleasing, functional and crack free.

FETTLE Engineering Pvt Ltd. offers professionally competent Project Management and supervision services to clients for all types of construction projects. Proper documentation and implementation of construction methodology are ensured by our team to ensure that your dream project is built according to the best standards in the industry. Read More