Structural design is a highly specialized area of civil engineering. Structural engineers at Fettle conduct a structural analysis to determine whether internal and external forces could affect the structure, then we design a structure with the appropriate materials and reinforcements to satisfy the requirements of our clients. We keep a strong relation between architecture and structural engineering. Structural engineers combine core principles of structural designs with good physics and materials to achieve great stability of the structure. We at fettle are primarily concerned about the safety and stability of the buildings. We ensure that a structure won’t collapse  

Civil engineers investigate three properties of forces when conducting a structural analysis:

Magnitude: The size of the force being applied to the structure.

Direction: The direction of the force. Different systems of materials and reinforcements are required to counteract different types of forces.

Position: The position on which the force acts. Structural engineers must assess the effects of anticipated forces on each area of the building, not just on the building as a whole.

For a structure to remain stationary, the sum of forces acting on it must always equal zero.

Responsibilities of structural designs

Strength: a measure of how well a material can resist an applied stress or load. The opposite of strong is weak.

Toughness: a measure of how much energy will cause a given material to crack. The opposite of tough is brittle.

Elasticity: a measure of how much a material can be stretched and still return to its shape.

Plasticity: measures the capacity of a material for plastic deformation. Plastic deformation occurs when a material is stretched beyond its capacity to return to its normal shape.

Structural design plays an important role in construction projects. Structural design is conducted by a structural engineer whose role is to ensure the safety, stability and performance of the structure. We at fettle develop a detailed soil test report before proceeding to structural designs in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Soil test reports are done at CET lab, Sreekaryam.
FETTLE Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Provides Structural solutions for all kinds of construction works. Fettle has designing experience in houses, multi storied structures and special structures. FETTLE aims to provide a comprehensive and professional solutions for building construction. We have a Civil Engineering design team comprising of skilled professionals and top-level technical personnel with a wide variety of scientific, engineering, and management resources. We ensure the timely completion of the work.